Kwaito star Msawawa (25) marrying his girlfriend Angela (34)

Kwaito star Msawawa (25) marrying his girlfriend Angela (34)
Published: 2013 May 12 14:18:37 (110038 Views)

Kwaito star, Msawawa, 25, is getting ready to tie the knot with his glamorous sugar mama, Angela Gwala, 34.
The news came out last week when listeners called a radio station to ask about the wedding.
Born Siboniso Dlamini, Msawawa has been dating Angela for more than two years.
She is from a wealthy family in Umhlanga and works for Eskom's biggest customer – BHP Billiton and Msawawa owns a shebeen in his hometown, Clermont, in Pinetown.
Sources close to the pair say Angela supports the faded kwaito star financially as his music and other businesses are struggling.
Angela, who is 10 years older than Msawawa, told Sunday Sun she would only marry him, if he follows traditional procedures.
"I wouldn't want to talk about our marriage arrangements to the press."He needs to pay lobola, then we'll have a white wedding before October," said Angela.
A close friend said the pair were originally set to tie the knot over the Easter weekend, but then moved the date for the ceremony to October.
"The pair are madly in love with each other. Now Angela will know that the boy really loves her – and not just her money.
"The music industry has not done anything for him, but she has," he said.
When called for comment the Dlala Baby hitmaker said: "The wedding is looming later this year."
But later, when asked about wedding dates and venues, Msawawa would neither confirm nor deny it. He hung up, instead.
Two years ago the pair made headlines, when Sunday Sun reported that the 25-year-old kwaito kid star had attacked her after she refused to give him money.

Source - DailySun

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Anonymous user 2017 September 05 06:17:49
Inhliziyo ifuna lokhu ekufunayo boy
Anonymous user 2017 August 23 14:35:02
Moving forward is where you go poi well done
Anonymous user 2017 August 22 11:12:47
Congratulation boy enjoy...baqinisile uma bethi ingubo endala ilala izingane...
Anonymous user 2017 July 10 15:35:35
congratulations msawawa
Anonymous user 2017 July 10 10:28:11
congratulation Angela nd Msawawa
Anonymous user 2017 June 28 07:32:48
leave them alone they love each other
Anonymous user 2017 June 28 06:11:25
Congratulations to the two's.And remember that lts God who gives love.
Anonymous user 2017 June 27 21:48:57
Congratulations Msawawa and Angela
Anonymous user 2017 June 27 18:19:35
congratulations to Msawawa to his wife and may god blessed their marriage