Kelly Khumalo's baby mystery rages on

Kelly Khumalo's baby mystery rages on
Published: 2013 November 19 05:41:16 (61383 Views)
Singer Kelly Khumalo was at the Feather Awards last Thursday and seemed happy to show off her baby bump.

The mystery of who the bay's father is rages on.

Kelly already has a young child with convicted musician Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanyae.

Orlando Pirates goalie Senzo Meyiwa denied pregnancy allegations.

He was reported as saying: "Is it Mandisa (his wife) who told you this? Kelly is not pregnant."

Daily Sun contacted Senzo's father, Sam Meyiwa, about allegations that Senzo was the father.

He said bluntly: "We don't want Kelly Khumalo. She is doing this on purpose."

Kelly was arrested some weeks back for allegedly assaulting Senzo's wife, Mandisa.

She arrived at the Hillbrow magistrate's court in a red Golf 5 plated Nzori GP rumoured to belong to the goalkeeper.

A source close to Meyiwa said: "He seems happy because his relationship with Kelly is going well at the moment. He doesn't want to hear anything negative about Kelly. He's madly in love with her!"

About his relationship with Kelly, Senzo told Dailysun: "Kelly never ruined my marriage because we already had problems. I'll sort my marriage problems out with Mandisa. She's still my wife."

Senzo said he wanted to make it clear that he regrets hurting his wife and both their families.

"I'm sorry for what I've done," he said.

Source - Dailysun


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Anonymous user 2014 November 10 06:04:52
Awu cha uyaliwa wentombazane yakwaMkhize awuziseshe unenkinga eserious feel pity for keLly ufelwe indoda yakhe ebimthanda eze yafela kuye stop to lying for urself about the weddin we r not stupid move on with ur life mandisa u r nothing to senzo only the lobola u have kelly akamoshanga ur marriage it was ruined already
Anonymous user 2014 November 10 06:00:19
Sorry for Kelly wena mandisa get a life mos acceppt ukuthi indoda ibingasakufuni uyeke uku use yilobaba kaSenzo ngoba angafuni uKelly kusho khoona unenkinga Mandisa indoda yakushiya ukhona u r not a gud wife at all stop pretending that u care u know very well kuthi indoda ibisihlala nomunye umfazi
Anonymous user 2014 November 04 19:40:30
No one has a ryt to judge,its already a painfull loss to all,kodwa ke mandisa let just hope u not involved in ur husband death coz it myt be she wanted to get rid of kelly sadly senzo was thre and took the shot
Anonymous user 2014 October 30 12:00:33
What happen to Meyiwa's family its painful,Mandisa keep on praying only God knows.
Anonymous user 2014 October 30 07:37:44
Uyanginyanyisa u Kelly naye usenzo wakhona ubeyifunani isfebe esinjengo Kelly we ol knw ukumitha izitayela zakhe zokubamba indoda,n if eqhubeka kanje usazowazala ama veggie...NX I hate Kelly,unondindwa umahosha nje ongena she's gt blood in her hands......uyalayeka umsunuwakhe cz ikuku yakhe imlumela emadodeni abantu......
Anonymous user 2014 October 29 12:56:35
Why the hell are ppl being so judgemental. USenzo stated that Kelly ddnt ruin his marriage it was ruined already. USenzo ubemuthanda uKelly Khumalo hints he to a bullet for her nd to uMandisa awuhambe uyeMatrasini wemfazi uyeke ukulwayiza eGoli imarrige yenu ibisingasekho ubumbora hints he went for Kelly. Kelly ntombazane I feel for u and I pray that God blesses u ukwazi ukuyidlulisa lento. The thought of seeing ur man shot dead is very scaring I hope uzoba ryt ntombazane
Anonymous user 2014 October 29 11:50:20
Sam Meyiwa u better take a good look @Mandisa u wl b very shocked wht evil shes capable of doing.
Anonymous user 2014 October 29 11:42:01
There r evil grls out there who blieves in killing their men if they cnt b wth thm..Iv been there Mandisa I sure u r happy nw tht u planned Senzos death..u disgusted the whole world..
Anonymous user 2014 October 29 11:33:17
Most men r living a double life so it is given tht Senzo wasn't getting wht h xpected frm his wife..Kelly uv done nothing wrong Senzo came came to u knwing tht he is married r abt to devorce his wife so tht allone proves tht he wasn't happy wth his wife r x-wife..I wud never b surprze if investigation wud come out saying Mandisa is the planner of her husbands death..
Anonymous user 2014 October 29 09:52:15
The whole situation is very sad especially to those who had to experience it on a closer level, my warmest and deepest condolences to the meyiwa family and friends, I guess it came out as a lesson to every married man out there, I honestly feel for mandisa who dealt with so much when her husband was alive and still continues when he is not there anymore.
Anonymous user 2014 October 29 08:25:34
Indoda ithathwa emuntwini ongenampatho sowry Kelly. B strong dear wht happen to u can happen to anybody. To the family God wl take care.
Anonymous user 2014 October 29 04:32:29
Rest in peace father,brother our hero
Anonymous user 2014 October 27 21:49:34
may your soul rest in peace Robert senzo meyiwa from your boy ndamulelo tshikosi