Businessman murdered and then run over by angry workers

Businessman murdered and then run over by angry workers
Published: 2013 March 01 07:35:58 (44953 Views)
Mandla Nxumalo from KZN, South Africa was on Monday murdered by angry workers.

They then drove his white Citi Golf over his body and set him alight.

His two bodyguards were slashed with pangas and spades and stoned to death.

Nxumalo was attacked at Umzinto on the south coast where he had set up a farming project and hired people to work there.

They all paid R300 to join to be farmers, but he never paid them the R1 300 a month he had promised.

Chief Ndabenkulu Chiliza (62) of Mgayi, Umzinto who gave Nxumalo the land has also been threatened with death.

“Nxumalo made a proposal – he wanted to farm my land to create jobs. It sounded like a good idea,” Chiliza said.

Cynthia Mnguni (58), one of the people recruited by Nxumalo, said things turned bad when he came to speak to the workers.

“People wanted to kill him so one of his bodyguards fired two warning shots. Then the war started.”

Nxumalo has been in the headlines since 2008 when he introduced himself as a pastor and businessman.

In 2009 he held a media briefing claiming that he would build hotels worth R1,5 billion. The hotels were never built. Sam Nxumalo, a member of the KZN Legislature, said he invested R30 000 for shares in the project.

“The pastor told me that I would get a 6% dividend every month but I never got anything,” he said. MP Linda Hlongwa said Nxumalo paid back her R100 000 after she took legal action.

“He was not going to live long,” she said. The police are investigating the killings but no arrests have been made.

Source - Daily Sun

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Anonymous user 2020 March 11 10:28:06
Whether these pastor were crooked or not, let God decide that. My argument is this: was there a time whereby those who lost their hard-earned cash were under any threat or intimidation as they gave? Of the answer is "yes" then I don't see any need for finger pointing; but that they should themselves deal with the element of greed which leads one to expect a 100% turnover within a month in a their investment. The Bible itself teaches the "planting, watering, nurturing and waiting" principle. Not a get-rich-quick scheme.
Anonymous user 2016 August 19 10:07:50
You are all crazy. I wish you die masimbweni.
Anonymous user 2014 July 14 15:32:13
Anonymous user 2014 January 11 18:12:09
yekani ukuthukana... maar le chap yarobha abantu nase Middelburg! i guess God wanted to teach more crocks a lesson
Anonymous user 2013 September 11 08:57:33
nikhulunyiswa ukungazi anonymous this man made people work in the farm and never paid them . if it was his intention to help , he would hav not made ppl work in the farms for nothing in those sunny day. since he was a business man and a chilld of why is playing with innocent poor ppl . with me this shows that he was taking advantage of the poor ppl. I think this is an answer for those ppl who were crying day and nyt about the little they had being taken away from them jst like. am not judging anyone but udlalile ngabantu abazihluphekelayo bcoz everybody wants to live a plesant lfy like him.
Anonymous user 2013 April 10 15:06:35
Rest in peace Mandla to me u were a brother, pst, father and a friend.i heard what the world said about you bt i believe what u shown me as a human being, u had luv,u cared,u wud smile even in worse situation and most of all u shown me the way of christianity 2day am proud to be a born again christian bcz of u and may God almighty remember such moments in ur life because u wuldchange ppls lives as you changed mine and that feeling i shal pass it to others,Rest in peace BabakaNeo, Thato,Olwethu and ............ ur memory will stay with us forever my brother.
Anonymous user 2013 April 09 14:57:58
I wrote a short blog abou Pastor Mandla Nxumalo on --> it if u have time I did not really know pastor mandla mxumalo personally, i only caught him once in orange farm, where he was preaching. I personally was inspired by him, his success and so forth.......i do not know wether or mot he was a fraud.... I believe that mandla might have had his own mistakes, but he was still a man of God and as sucb he deserves some respect, some of the comments here sound like are either made by satanists, or some very envious Christians..... All i can say is , because how u talk about a man of God.....your own mouth might pronounce to yo very life the. Urses you haul at mandla... Rest in peace pastor mandla mxumalo.......
Anonymous user 2013 April 08 13:20:10
who died and made you Jesus,what ever Mandla did is gods job to jugde him,naka okwakho an worse most of yu nikhuluma ama hearsay,am not promoting any of his actions but in life learn to mind yor own business,period.uJesu arrived as they were about to stone the women for ukuphinga wathi ongenacala akaphose kuqala itshe n no one did,dont be too quick to judge while ezakho izindaba zikuxaka,cum on blacks this hatred is getting out of hand bazosihleka abelungu,
Anonymous user 2013 March 14 10:19:46
yeap they shud get rich,a king is neva poor dear,gold and silver belongs to them,while we are at it,not only are they getting rich alone,but we are tapping on the annoiting,while u write crap,nd its quiet clear u were once a member at our church nd thank God you are no longer there,good riddens,yeses une kinga nd people of ur calibre do not match our church dear,suka madoda nangu muntu azosi gulela nje
Anonymous user 2013 March 14 10:14:52
surely this is a personal vendetor,you are toking nosense,utter nosense heyi,may you get a life really now,now u even toking aboyt our finances,u r soo stupid yezwa,its quite obvious we know who you are so drop the nosense nd concentrate on urself,nd stop writting crap here really,we are gatvo manjel haysuka maan,
Anonymous user 2013 March 12 13:24:50
Wena uyayazi oyifuna ku pastor nd unomana wena why ungabi rich uyeke ukusi bhora uyasidina nd sizokuthola slimandini wat ever eyenzeka e church is none of yr problem, get a life ube rish uyeke ukujaja ujehova okumele ajaje not wena ngoba nawe unezakho sis man
Anonymous user 2013 March 12 11:56:45
Jwale le bolela nonsense di crock Ke Lena man tjrrrrr la telela yong Ebile la tena
Anonymous user 2013 March 11 19:45:17
even ppl in his church are con artists a woman who handles his church finances was jailed last year for robbing ppl's moneys bonke nalomfundisi wabo i knw these ppl very well.
Anonymous user 2013 March 11 19:42:16
makamu is a croook sekayeka na ukudlala ama dice? PlZ!!!!!! spare us niloku ni protector isgebengu!!!!! tsek man!!!! endless hope is a business makamu n his wife r getting richer n richer!!!!! aninamahloni shame!!!!!!!!! nale sonto lenu elidumbile alikhulanga niks!!! kugcwele ama fans athanda i status bloody con artists
Anonymous user 2013 March 10 06:52:21
We love you dady makamo god bless you nd be with you all de time
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 17:54:04
Advice to wise: avoid arguing with fools people might not tell the different, it is fools duty to criticise, to hate and it is wise people's duty to make history and let the fools analyse and critisize, futsi angati kutsi benginani kule site, elabantfu abaswele imisebenti ababhorekile. Tibindzele Dlamini uyekele tilima tiphikisane todvwane, tiyekele ukuyo marketa ti tfole misebenti.
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 17:06:53
Wena and makamo need Jesus.
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 12:28:35
Awumutshele ayi 10000 self angiyithathaphi uyaphapha suka kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 11:40:23
it doesn't mata what you think about pastor makamu and we are not defending him,jst like any other children,we are going to stand by him no matter what,nd we nt going to take lousy insults from you really,we not going to scoop down to ur level ,we are beta than that.
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 11:06:26
They have distorted the Gospel of Jesus christ. As for u sis! U also one of them
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 11:04:55
The Bible says touch not my anoited ones. But I doubt if Nxumalo and makamo is one of the annoited ones. This pastors re dogs
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 10:47:13
Some people need god in their life's,how can one speak ill about man of god?makamu is a good man,a man with morals,dignity and principles...truth is we all know that so don't come with such stupid accusation...the word of The Lord says "the lord lifts up the humble; he casts the wicked down to the ground...daddy(makamu)let them talk god shall judge!
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 08:41:54
Wenza kahle ukhathale ngoba vele unamanga unomona wena nje kukhona le oyifuna ku pstr makamo ukhohlakele sis kusho ukuthi la uhamba khona uyamosha yiko ungaphumeleli usazohamba ungena ngoba ufunana nabafundisi thina ama daveyton upastor uwubaba kithi akakaze asifune mali sidla izwi kuphela ngizakukhule kisa awuzenzi yile demon elikuphethe umphathi awuhambi ukhuluma ngaye uyahlonishwa ukholo lwakho elwenza uphumelele akusiwu makamo umlilo wuwe ohlalele ukuhlukumeza izinkonzo ukhuluma ngaba fundisi mawukhonza kuyanikelwa kukhishwa okweshumi ukuze izinto zakho zihambe kahle mawubona kungaphumeleli kukhona la ungenzi kahle khona khuluma nonkulunkulu wakho umubuze ukuthi wonephi ungahambi ubizzy ufuna impumelelo kumakamo yena ukukhulekele wenzile umsebenzi ujehova amuthume wena ngeke uthole impumelelo usese bumunyameni
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 07:40:24
Eeesh! I am tired of this topic. Guys u defending a crook. Makama Is a crook. Where there's smoke there's fire!
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 04:06:20
Mina ngidinwa ukuthi bebathuleleni all are long sebazo sibhora nd why lawo ma 10000 singawazi sikhonza khona bayifuna kuwe wedwa thina inkonzo singayazi try again silima ndini asingakhonzi i next wuwe nomona wakho thina ama daveyton umakamo upastor wethu okwenza unxumalo bekangekho nd akangeni lapho mawucabanga i 10000 ungayithathaphi ubizzy namanga usesebu mnyameni shame silima ndini wena 5000 umamakho bamulaya bekathanda izinto nd azange bamukhuthuze wuye owanikela ngothando owh yini kahle kahle benifuna upastor anishele yiko nicamba manga pastor ama daveyton ayakuthanda god bless you ngomusebenzi wakho nd thank god awuna sikhathi sokufundana nama zimkasi abhorayo bafuna ukuku wisa nd ngebhadi ngeke balunge ngoba uhlala usemukhule kweni wethu ume njalo yeka izilima
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 00:41:14
How can umuntu ophilile e khanda abize u pastor a dog like really,u r disrespectful nd uyisilima nje,stupid black ppl,cnt give credit wen its due,busy toking nosense,leave pastor makamu alone
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 00:35:25
U r very dumb,get a life man,nd stop trying to think u reason beta cz u toking nosense ngaloyo mulomo wakho,u r a fool,u surely have sumting against u pastor makamu nd deal wid it man,his nt going anywhr,concentrate more on ur life,uyekele ukusi bhora la
Anonymous user 2013 March 08 00:31:16
Cutting edge my foot,can u do sumting wid ur lyf really instead of writing this nosense abt our pastor,u r nuting nd shame ausi thusi,amanzi amacane lawa,a dog doesnt bark a stationery car bt a moving one,wen u say this things we knw dat great things awaits us,hlukana no pastor wethu phansi plz,pastor makamu dsnt have tym to answa umbhedo really now
Anonymous user 2013 March 07 19:56:40
Maybe I should ask makamo! Where re cell phones and clothes he's collecting in the name of Jesus. Lol
Anonymous user 2013 March 07 19:54:22
Watch the space. Makamo will be on Cutting edge or daily sun if he continue exploiting the poor. How can a normal person(pastor) ask for pleadges of R10000 E9( sunrise) where most poorest people live. This people saved for years to atleast build a shack then makamo comes and promise them break through within a week and exploit them. Let's expose this man. He is a smoth criminal.
Anonymous user 2013 March 07 16:59:08
Angykholwa ke lena. Ei kwaze kwabuhlungu. 2 u Nthabiseng nd ur children may the grace of the Lord b wth u. Ubewuthanda kakhulu uMandla S Nxumalo umndeni wakhe. Ushone kabuhlungu, abakwenzile uNkulunkulu abaxolele abakwaz abakwenzile. We will miss you so much, tha guy was a 9ce person ubehlale ene smile. Ur picture wl b always in our hearts. Ngamthanda kakhulu uNkulunkulu ngezintshumayelo zakho.
Anonymous user 2013 March 07 15:03:29
Bt azange akufoster wenza ngothando nd nxumalo is gone get a life hamba uyothenga ifone ne wash ne jacket unxumalo uyicedile ibanga kusele wena nd ujehova umucolele kwaaa makamo since nikhuluma ngaye nisenze samuthanda kakhulu
Anonymous user 2013 March 07 12:22:06
Nxumalo took my jacket, watches, and cell phones. After. Tht I wondered why gave tht to him and I realised tht tht guy is dog! Why he took cell phones for?
Anonymous user 2013 March 07 06:34:40
How dare u speak like dat about my pastor,firstly u pastor makamu does preach abt money nd tithes,there is nothing wrong wid dat,God gave his only son,pastors need to preach about giving,the biggest churches also speak nd preach abt money bt wen makamu does it he is wrong,u have the audesity to write such things nd to criticise my pastor,wat about the many lives he saves while preaching,so u knw wat whoever u are get a life man nd stop writing crap here,nd u can col any newspaper u want bt U CANT KEEP AN ANNOITED MAN careful wat u say ns chose ur words wisely,dats a Man of God.
Anonymous user 2013 March 06 09:42:50
Makamo is a dog himself. Makamo and mandla took my mothers last R5000 and promised her break through within a week. He's a dog himself , so beware of him
Anonymous user 2013 March 06 07:27:56
Pastor makamo you always says beware of de dogs manje lezinja zibheke wena labantu abakukhuluma so baphila nawe banomona bafuna ukukumosha igama ngebhadi sikuthanda unjalo awukhuthuzi muntu umuntu enkonzweni kumele akhiphe okweshumi angathi makahluleka ahambe athi udla imali zabantu upastor unemali zakhe uyaphi nalama change wenu mxim yiko ningaphumeleli ngoba nigadene nomakamo
Anonymous user 2013 March 06 05:55:54
The Bible has made clear tht during the last days people ll be lovers of money, they ll be false prophets. So don't be suprised. It is written
Anonymous user 2013 March 06 05:44:18
Makamo man of God? Not makamo. He's a business man who promise poor to be rich if they give him money. Next time I am asking daily sun to follow u makamo. They ll expose u while u still alive. U such a bad man who claim to be anoited. U stealing from very poor people. Do u even sleep at night?
Anonymous user 2013 March 05 20:19:16
Yabona lomuno okhomba abanye wena ukhombe imino oyi 4 nd legodi eniligubhela umakamo ugade kungangeni wena kulo ngine sho awusindiswanga futhi umuntu okhonzayo uyakhetha makakhuluma so njengoba unxumalo afile nizitholile izimali zene angimazi unxumalo bt kubuhlungu mawuzele ubona umntwanakho bamubulala kabuhlungu so obulala ngenkemba uyofa ngenkemba
Anonymous user 2013 March 05 19:45:44
Pastor makamo is a gud man of god ungahamba nomuntu ungakwenzi akwenzayo unxumalo uhambile kusele mina nawe kaze izulu sizolibona na ngoba umuntu nomuntu usebenzela indlela yakhe nd akekho ongeke afe sonke sizoya egodini ibible lithi singajaji nd singazithatheli isincumo ngokwethu pastor makamo god wil never forsake you
Anonymous user 2013 March 05 16:55:11
I dnt knw wat yol hv heard bt pastor makamu is an honest man of GOD so dnt drag his name into de mud!!!!! Get ur facts straight b4.....nxa sies
Anonymous user 2013 March 05 14:46:29
May his soul rest in peace. To Dinunu, Msibi Makama and this Makamu I don't knw. Let this be a learson. South African community is very agry and u might be next
Anonymous user 2013 March 05 12:35:04
Man of God. My foot. He's crook makamu Edaveyton people re crying. U keep on taking from vulnarable people. Even Pastor Boro is better cose sometimes he give back to poor. U re worse makamu and u crew
Anonymous user 2013 March 05 12:34:31
With a lot of success comes of lot of negativity, I knew that people like you were gonna start saying foolish things like these. But let me just assure you nothing will happen to the man of God. He did nothing wrong therefore nothing wrong will happen to him. You'll just need to relax yourselfs. Find a hobby or something else that will keep you busy. AMEN
Anonymous user 2013 March 05 09:37:10
Makamu and mandla were crooks! And I am telling u he's next!! Makamu and mandla we taking frm poor. I agree with u my friend whoever u re. Makamu is a crook. He's next and bazalwana will do it
Anonymous user 2013 March 05 06:48:32
May your soul rest in peace my friend you were a good brother and I will always respect you all the bussiness oportunities you gave me thank you and I will never forget till we meet again.keke
Anonymous user 2013 March 05 06:47:42
You are playing with fire...You are such a foooolish spirit, these are the men f God. Again I say...You need Jesus. If don't know what to say shut you big stinking useless mouth and keep your foolish comments to yourself or rather amongst idiots like you. Clearly you are on the wrong site coz we are so not interested in whatever that you have to say. So please leave these men of God with peace...Otherwise 'Psalms 35' read thewhole charpter...Have a good day
Anonymous user 2013 March 05 06:20:29
pastor Makamu,is not pastoring a crook church,before u post such crap,get ur facts straight
Anonymous user 2013 March 04 14:38:31
Mandla played with poor people!! Next is Makamu!! Pastoring a crook church called endless Hope @ Katlehong
Anonymous user 2013 March 04 07:39:30
O'What a shameful death for a human being,let alone the man of Go!!
Anonymous user 2013 March 04 06:56:35
Whoever you are, how can you say such mean things? you should be ashamed of yourself...I am not confirming the article to be true but I myself had lost thousands of dollars not rand from crooks in business but I will never confess a curse upon those people's lives...All Of you need Jesus
Anonymous user 2013 March 04 04:48:53
Pastor Dununu Msibi, Glen Makama, and Ezrom Zulu u r next!
Anonymous user 2013 March 04 04:48:00
May hisa soul rot in hell!
Anonymous user 2013 March 04 04:46:58
Kusele le friend yakhho engu Pastor Dununu Msibi no Glen Makama, kunini nidla izimali zabantu? Usuke e Witbank umoshile, bakuthole kahle satan, inkinhga yakho u greed, ulayekile inkosi ingxolele, mara wena bakuthole kahle.
Anonymous user 2013 March 04 04:43:48
Umsebenzi we nkohlakalo, Pastor Mandla Nxumalo dala uhamba udlala ngabantu, sukela e Mpumalanga waze wahlangana nabo clever abafana nawe, sies u r so pathetic, hamba mgodoyi, may your soul rot in hell!

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